We live in a data-driven world

Currently, we are experiencing an unprecedented digital revolution. The potential of big data is growing rapidly as information pours in from digital platforms, wireless sensors, virtual-reality applications, and billions of mobile phones. As a result data science and Artifical Intelligence (AI) reshape all kind of industries. To take advantage of those rapid technological advances companies must integrate new capabilities into their operations and strategic vision and use them to make better and faster decisions.

Our Goal

Due to the growing amount of electronic data there is a need for methods capable of analyzing high-dimensional data. We explore the power of data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to leverage data efficiently.

About Us

EtaArgus is a research group in the space of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Computer Vision (CV). We conceptualize and develop AI solutions for real-world problems, i.e. we conduct research with a focus on practical applicability.


We conduct research in the following fields

  • Machine Learning

    The goal of Machine Learning (ML) is to develop methods, that allow to automatically detect patterns in the given data, and use those patterns to predict new or unseen data.

  • Deep Learning

    Deep learning is a thriving area within ML, which has been introduced with the objective of moving ML closer to one of its original goals: Artificial Intelligence.

  • Computer Vision

    The field of Computer Vision (CV) deals with inverse problems that are used to extract high-level or low-level image content out of one or more images. CV basically seeks to automate tasks that the human visual system can do.


A list of selected peer reviewed publications can be found at our Publications Page.


A list of datasets can be found at our Dataset Page.


We use the best technologies available on the market, and we are constantly adding new ones.

Machine Learning:
Deep Learning:
Computer Vision:
Software Development:

Selected Applications


Drop us a line if you are interested in our research. Please get in touch via email at info(at)etaargus.com or using the form below.

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